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Message from Chairman

Profile of Chairman Taijun Kawase

Jan. 1929 Born in Gaoxiong, Taiwan
Mar. 1946 Returned to Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture
Apr. 1948 Entered Nihon University, College of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering
Apr. 1951 Joined Electric Painting Machine Company
Dec. 1959 Left Electric Painting Machine Company
Jan. 1960 Founded Toyota Chemical Industry Company, appointed executive director
May 1966 Left Toyota Chemical Industry Company
Jun. 1966 Founded Ogaki Distillation Industry Company, appointed president and representative director
May 1978 Founded Chiba Distillation Company (currently Chiba Plant)
Jul. 1991 Merged Chiba Distillation Company, changed company name to Nippon Refine Company
Sep. 1994 Appointed chairman of Japan Solvent Recycling Industry Association
Jan. 2000 Awarded Chiba Prefecture Venture Company Executive Award
Sep. 2003 Appointed chairman and representative director
Oct. 2011 Appointed Honorary chairman and representative director


Message from the Founder and Honorary Chairman of the Board, Mr. Kawase

Recently, there are increased interests in “recycling” and “environmental technology”, because of the awareness of global environmental issues. Regarding the solvent recycling business where Nippon Refine is engaged, we are proud to say that the public understanding has increased, and our responsibility has grown larger.

If I recall the days around 1966 when I first started this business, Japan was still in the recovery phase after World War II, and only production of goods raised people’s attention. I first started my career as a sales engineer selling painting machines for the automobile and electronic industries, and it was during these days when I focused my attention on the waste solvents used during the painting work, leading to the establishment of our current business. Then, after participating in the founding of Toyota Chemical Industry, which was a company that specialized in solvent recovery in the automobile industry, I focused on the petrochemical and fine chemical area including pharmaceuticals and agrichemicals, and then founded Ogaki Distillation Industry, the predecessor of the current Nippon Refine.

In expanding the business, I particularly focused on collecting “waste solvents” as the raw material, which was not paid attention by anyone else at that time, and then to refine it up to very high purity and quality. Therefore, I wanted to build up technology as a chemical manufacturer in addition to the business of collecting waste solvents. As a result, we succeeded in manufacturing high-purity IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and methanol of 99.9% purity, which is exceptional for a refined product, leading to be a trusted partner for many customers.

Currently, our company is increasing work in areas such as liquid crystal and semiconductors in addition to the chemical industry, and also attained expansion overseas in countries such as China. Fortunately, the Stripper Recycling System (SRS) marketing business that started in Taiwan in 2000 has now grown to an onsite refining capacity of more than 13,000t per month. I believe that companies always have to have time on their side and strive for a great leap.

I like the phrase “My glass is small, but I always drink from my glass”. In my case, glass means company, and the company has to always brush up functions such as marketing power, technology and development capability, production engineering capability, management capability, and finance and funding capability. I believe that it is the company’s responsibility to keep evolving the glass to a larger one. Nippon Refine is making unremitting efforts to pursue a larger glass, and I hope we will live up to your expectations.