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Quality and Reliability

Our Effort in Safety

A wide variety of solvents are being used in the Japanese industry, and waste solvent is being discharged. Waste solvents contain impurities other than the solvents, and there is a great potential danger.

In our company, we are using various analytical equipments such as the new analytical instrument ARC, and are putting a strict checking procedure to ensure safety from the process development of the distillation refining up to the shipment of the recycled product.

In addition, we are putting our efforts to further ensure safety by changing the specifications of the equipment to improve safety, ensure safety education to the frontline workers, etc.


Analytical equipments with emphasis on safety


Our Effort in Quality

Quality control of metal content in ppt units for high-purity solvents

In the clean room inside the Chiba plant, we are measuring the metal content in high-purity solvents in ppt (parts per trillion) units.


To obtain stable results (numbers),
  • It is important to take care to maintain a stable environment. Especially, the air conditioning and particle management in the clean room is critical. In order to minimize external influence, we are controlling the sections using air showers, and the clean room is at Class 10,000 (an environment that guarantees that particles larger than 0.5 microns is under 10,000 per square feet ( ≈ 28.3 L)), and the analytical equipment is placed inside a clean booth controlled at Class 100.
  • Measurement in ppt units is conducted by an analyst who is experienced in the measurement techniques, and verifications to maintain the measurement techniques are conducted periodically.



Analytical equipment to provide customer satisfactory quality:


Quality Policy

Refining and Recycling Business

We will pursue to improve customer satisfaction with our business to have resources last longer and contribute to environmental preservation.

  1. We will work always with safety first.
  2. To improve customer satisfaction, we will keep informing the importance of fulfilling the customers’ request within the organization, and try to realize it.
  3. We will continuously improve our conformity to the requirements as well as the effectiveness of our quality management system.
  4. We will provide targets for quality and frameworks for the review.
  5. We will operate our quality management system appropriately, and also conduct management reviews.


Obtained ISO9001 certification
Certification obtained in Wanouchi Plant
Certification obtained in Ogaki Plant
Certification obtained in Chiba Plant


Environmental Engineering Business

To successfully complete our projects in Japan and overseas countries and to attain customer satisfaction, we will take it upon ourselves to maintain and continuously improve the quality management system.

  1. We will set our quality target to provide appropriate products and services in compliance with the requirements stipulated in the agreement as well as the applicable regulations, specifications and standards, and to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, and we will further disseminate it to relating functions.
  2. Regarding our quality targets, we will periodically evaluate the actual accomplishments and conduct reviews.
  3. In order to achieve our target, the quality management system will be defined as the quality manual, and will correspond to the expectations and demands of our customers.
  4. We will clarify the responsibility, authority and procedures of each individual, implement strict controls for it, conduct reviews of the quality management system at planned intervals, provide required management resources, and implement the quality management system as well as continuously improving the effectiveness of it.


Obtained ISO9001 certification
Certification obtained in Environmental System&Engineering Dept.


Our Effort in the Environment

Environmental policy

Through our recycling business of chemicals such as organic solvents and our environmental engineering business with separation technology such as distillation as our core technology, we will have resources last longer and contribute to environmental preservation.

  1. In our business activities, we will comply with the regulations, ordinances, and other requirements as well as proactively prevent environmental contamination. By appropriately understanding the factors that influence the environment, and by ensuring prevention of environmental contamination, we will contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the local community’s environment.
  2. We will set concrete environmental objectives and environmental targets in accordance to the environmental policy, and implement, evaluate, and review them, and continuously improve our environmental preservation activities and environmental management system.
  3. We will promote technology development on recycling of chemicals such as solvents and equipment that reduces the environmental burden, in order to contribute to the reduction of the environmental burden of the entire society and reduction of waste material, as well as achieving saved energy and resources.
  4. We will understand the influence on the environment of every aspect of our manufacturing activities, set an objective and target to environmental improvement within technically and commercially reasonable ranges, periodically review it and continuously improve the environment.
  5. We will conduct training programs on the environment so that all employees understand the environmental policy, and improve their consciousness of the environment. In addition we will inform our business partners of our environmental policy, and ask for understanding and collaboration.


Obtained ISO14001 certification


Our Effort in Waste Water Management

  • We are committed to safeguarding the environment. We comply with all legal regulations and other requirements in treating waste water.
  • The waste water discharged from our plant to outside meets all the waste water standards stipulated by law.


【 More about Waste Water 】

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