Technology, Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development Policy

The pillar of our research and development is to pursue technologies with highest priority for the global environment, from refining and recycling all kinds of waste solvents otherwise emitted into the atmosphere or discharged into the water, including prevention of global warming by reduction of environmental burden and technology development to reduce CO2.

We are working in research and development to pursue separation technology and energy saving not only in distillation technology but also in absorption technology, extraction technology, crystallization technology, supercritical technology, membrane separation technology and adsorption. We are always looking for topics that will benefit our customers.


Research and Development Fields

Distillation Technology Gas Recovery Technology Evaporative Concentration and Drying Process  
Extraction Technology Crystallization Technology Adsorption Technology Membrane Separation Technology


Owned Test Equipment


Distillation Column

(rectification column)

Continuous Distillation Column, Batch-wise Distillation Column, Simple Distiller  
ECOTRAP Volatile Organic Gas (VOC) Recovery and Concentration System
SOLSTAR Concentration System  
L-FINE Concentration System  
SOLPICO System to precisely isolate and recover trace amounts of solvents in waste water
Vacuum Drum Dryer Vacuum Drying System
Extraction Column Extraction System  
PSA Pressure Swing Adsorption System  

Process Development

Distillation database accumulated for 45 years

We are receiving 400 to 500 requests per year regarding isolation and refining of waste solvent from our customers. Therefore, we have special know-how in the area of separation technology for various combinations of solvents.

Based on our accumulated distillation database, by conducting simulation using an originally designed distillation calculation software and vapor-liquid equilibrium calculation software, we are able to promptly respond to our customer’s request.


Realizing optimal distillation flow in accordance with the customer’s needs

After receiving samples of the waste solvent from the customer, we check the contents by analytical chemistry, and then determine the feasibility of refining the target product by conducting distillation studies. We also conduct heat stability assessment to confirm that it could be distilled safely.

The distillation test will be applicable not only to the waste solvents but also to grading up of new solvents (increase purity, remove metals etc.)


We will always be conscious of shortening the distillation process and cutting down costs, and will realize an optimal distillation flow that is environmentally friendly.