Corporate Philosophy


Corporate Philosophy

Nippon Refine Group contributes to the society through our business activities, the recycle of natural resources and preservation of the natural environment, in order to realize a sustainable society.



Corporate Ideal Image

A global company that keeps providing solutions that contribute to the realization of resource-cycle society.



Management Policy

We strive for the preservation of scarce resources and for the solutions of the environmental problems. We contribute to the construction of a sustainable society.

Petroleum is a resource especially connected directly to the company production activities and our lives. Its scarcity is now widely pointed out.
Nippon Refine Group endeavors to make the limited resources last longer by advancing recycling of the petroleum-derived organic solvent. We also strive for solutions of the environmental problems and contribute to the construction of a sustainable society by globally extending this activity.


We provide added-value making deep impressions on our customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

Nippon Refine Group has been trying to innovate the various separation techniques to meet the needs of our users with distillation as our core technology.
We timely seize the changing needs and pursue the technology that will be appreciated by our customers to contribute to their business. We also provide it as added-value for our customers.
We seriously take the various needs that will be requested hereafter to realize a resource-cycle society in the today’s context of rising awareness of environment. We will also develop an innovative technology based on the ideas that no one has ever realized, and create new values to enhance our customer satisfaction.


We prepare safe and worthy working environment for our employees, and make every effort to enhance employees’ satisfaction.

We prepare a working environment in which our employees, important fortune of Nippon Refine Group, can safely perform their full abilities.
We also support the employees so that they can fully perform, realize their own development through work, and enhance employees’ satisfaction.


We aim for the maximization of the company value and make every effort for the improvement of shareholder satisfaction.

Nippon Refine Group will strengthen the trilateral system of Japan, China and Taiwan to establish stable management foundations.
With a view to expand our business over the Europe and United States, we will strive for globally stable profit expansion and development. We also aim for the maximization of the company value.



Corporate Principle

From the viewpoint of the customers

We believe that a corporate activity is about how we create new value and improve it. Nippon Refine Group carries on our everyday business to improve the customer value with the employees thinking from the viewpoint of our customers. All of our employees concretely think over and act in a stance of 'who our customers are, what they expect from us, what their troubles are, what would please them, why we are trusted and chosen.'


Pursuit of Essence

There is no business success without speedy and precise handling of situations in the changing business environment. We believe that it is necessary to pursue and face up to the essence of the matters behind the reality.
Nippon Refine Group makes effort for the employees to have both bird's eye view and prospective upward view of the matter. Once we find an essential problem, we will act practically to solve it.



Within the business environment with rapid changes, company that has forgotten the spirit of challenging is destined to decline. To keep on growing, Nippon Refine Group values the employees’ attitudes toward the higher goals without being content with the present states, and toward accomplishments of self-setting goals without giving up. We also make effort to grow and secure capable staffs that can challenge with new ideas without the stereotypes, to seize new business chances.



We believe that strong teamwork under leadership is important to obtain good results for work. Nippon Refine Group makes effort to nurture leadership with foreseeability, share the objects, and we value teamwork not only within a department, but also within the departments in the Group. To function this teamwork, we will not only thoroughly share information but also strengthen the communication ability of the employee to share the ways of thinking and understandings.



Code of Conducts


We obey the laws of every kind at domestic and international societies, social norms and in-house norms. We carry on the business activities with high ethical standards.


Respect for Human Rights

We respect the human rights. We never treat people with discrimination or injustice according to race, belief, thought, gender, age or social status.


Preservation of Global Environment

We keep developing the technologies for the formation of resource-cycle society contributing to the preservation of the global environment and constructing a sustainable society.


Improvement of the Working Environment

We offer safe, hygienic, and comfortable working environment. We also offer satisfying working environment where employees can respect one another and strive for self-development.


Attitude toward Antisocial Powers

We face the antisocial power that disturbs the social order and hinders sound corporate activities with firm attitude in order to sever and eliminate it.


Fair and Free Competition

Competing fairly and freely in our market, we contribute to the development of sound market with our customers. We also keep sound relationships with our customers, the industry, and regional community, striving for coexistence and co-prosperity.