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Logistics Department

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We have logistics bases both in Wanouchi and Chiba plants, and conduct transport of waste solvents and solvent products all throughout Japan.

To ensure “safe” and “reliable” transport, we work hard every day.


  • Establishment of transport routes with consideration to the global environment
  • Establishment of a tanker cleaning system applicable for each of the various solvents
  • Research of accidents and thorough safety education
  • Complete establishment of various yellow cards
  • Inspection and maintenance of various equipment and apparatus
  • Compliance with related regulations including Automobile NOx and PM Control Law and Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance on Environmental Preservation
  • Compliance with in-site rules of our clients and delivery sites


Owned vehicles


SUS tankers


Wanouchi Plant 10 5
Chiba Plant 9
Total 19 5


Freight truck
dedicated ISO container



Contact Details

Wanouchi Logistics Group

2574-1 Nakagou-Shinden, Wanouchi-cho, Anpachi District,

Gifu 503-0212, Japan

TEL : +81-584-69-3155

FAX : +81-584-69-2873

Chiba Logistics Group

74-18 Yawata-kaigandouri, Ichihara, Chiba 290-0067, Japan

TEL : +81-436-41-9281

FAX : +81-436-43-6191