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Total Solutions of Nippon Refine

For environmental issues that companies face such as emission reduction of VOC and CO2, the optimum answer will be found by considering the solution with a broad perspective.

Recycling of waste solvents, VOC collection from exhaust gas or waste water, collection of recovered solvents, weight reduction of waste products, disposal of waste products after weight reduction, and supply of high grade solvents, there are services that “Nippon Refine” can provide because we do a broad range of business centered around separation technology.



Total solution type business model

 By total provision of refining and recycling business and environmental engineering business, cost merit and environmental merit will both be maximized. From VOC collection in exhaust gas and waste water up to effective use of the collected solvents, we provide optimum solutions specific to each customer’s request.



Examples of total solutions

NMP recovery from exhaust gas in the lithium ion battery manufacturing process


Environmental Preservation

Clean off-gas
  • In recovery of NMP, the solvent concentration in the off-gas can be controlled at below 0.2 ppm (1.0 ppmc).


Reducing CO2 emission
  • When Ecotrap is introduced, the total CO2 emission is reduced to a fraction.


Cost reduction

Low running cost
  • Ecotrap uses the heat energy of the exhaust gas for solvent concentration and water evaporation, therefore there is no wasted energy, and “energy-saving” is the feature.
    It is a gas absorption system using water, therefore there is no need for an expensive absorption agent so the running cost is low.


Low maintenance cost
  • Ecotrap has only a few replacement parts, therefore there is almost no maintenance cost necessary.


Reduction of recycling costs
  • Ecotrap can maintain the recovered solution at a high concentration, therefore it is possible to reduce the recycling cost by reducing impurities.
    * The water content in the recovered solution can be controlled at the desired level, so it is possible to design as a non-hazardous facility.


Reduction of purchasing cost of new solvents
  • Nippon Refine evaluates and purchases the collected recovered solution as raw material, and recycles and refines.
    In the case of LiB manufacturer, the purchasing cost of new solvents was reduced by using the renewed products.
    Because we are setting an electronic grade standard, quality control is also fully secured.




IPA recovery from waste water in the semiconductor manufacturing process


Reduced burden of the waste water treatment equipment

  • By separating the IPA using Solpico, burden on the activated sludge facility will be reduced.


Cost reduction by reducing the cost of new expansion of the waste water treatment facility

  • In the example of Semiconductor manufacturer, by introduction of Solpico, new expansion of the activated sludge facility became unnecessary.
    In addition, new expansion of a waste water treatment facility would be a very large facility, but Solpico is very compact and has small foot-print.


Reduction of industrial waste disposal costs

  • The IPA collected by Solpico is purchased by Nippon Refine as raw material, and recycled and refined.
    The industrial waste disposal cost is reduced by recycling and refining.



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