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Refining and Recycling

Type of Business and Content of Business

We will provide solutions optimal to the customer regarding contracted refining, receipt of waste solvents and sales of refined waste solvents as well as high grade refining of solvents.


Contracted Refining of Waste Solvents

We will recover the waste solvents that are discharged from the customer’s production line, and will refine the target ingredient up to the target purity and deliver back.



Receipt of Waste Solvents and Sales of Refined Solvent

When the recycled solvent cannot be used by the customer, we will receive the waste solvents, and market to other companies after refining, using our network to achieve better use of resources.



Refining solvents to a higher grade

We will refine general industrial solvents up to electronic grade, and will deliver to you under strict quality control.
In addition, a recycling system starting from waste solvent is also possible.




Optimal Flow

Based on our long experience in distillation, technology development of more than 500 cases per year, and separation simulation using software, we will realize the optimal flow.


High Precision Separation Technology

For azeotropic waste solvents that would not be separable by normal distillation, or waste solutions that contain plastics, we will realize a high precision separation using technologies such as azeotropic distillation, extractive distillation, and vacuum drying.


Reliable Contracting System

In our plants, there will be not only a thorough quality control system, but also a danger prediction system (measurement of runaway reactions, exothermic reactions, or gas generation) using state-of-the-art analytical equipment and analytical technology. Even in the rare case of a trouble, our 3 plants in total will provide a manufacturing capacity of 3,000 ton/month or more.


Technology Verification Using Pilot Plants

We have many pilot plants mimicking actual manufacturing, therefore technical assessment of scaling-up to manufacturing is possible.


Contact Details

・Tokyo Sales Dept.

Kishimoto Bldg. 11F, 2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan

TEL : 03-3201-3333

FAX : 03-3201-3322

・Ogaki Sales Dept.

1-271 Nishinokawacho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-0018, Japan

TEL : 0584-75-1212

FAX : 0584-75-2245