SRS (Stripper Recycling System)

This is a system to recycle the stripper solvent used in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal panels.

Recently, the use of solvents etc. is increasing along with the growing size of the panel boards, therefore cost reduction by reusing and environmental measures are desired. SRS has a high recovery rate and ease of operation, and will answer to your needs.


■ Features

  • It can operate with high quality and high recovery rate (over 90%)
  • Concentration adjustment is possible without using solvents of electronic grade
  • Start-up in a short period is possible
  • Operation is full automatic


■ Awarded 2005 Separation Technology Award

Principle of the stripper recycling system

The manufacturing process of liquid crystal panels has a process called “resist stripping process” that uses a large amount of stripper solvents. The waste stripper solution discharged from this process contains 3 major impurities, non-volatile components (resist), low boiling point components (water etc.), and high boiling point components.

SRS effectively separates and purifies only the stripper solvent from the waste stripper solution and makes it reusable.

  1. Non-volatile components (resist) are separated from the recovered stripper solution by a falling film dryer (FD).
    At this process, the resist could be separated and concentrated in a fluid condition without sticking.
  2. The recovered stripper solution after separation of the resist then flows into the distillation column.
    Low boiling point impurities are separated here.
  3. At the stripper refining column, the stripper solvent component evaporates to separate from the remaining high boiling point components.
    Because the stripper solvent itself is evaporated, heavy metal components could be precisely separated and removed from the stripper solvent components.

List of Specifications

Treatment of MEA-DMSO stripper waste solvent (containing water 10% and resist 2%) is used as the standard.



Approximate dimensions

Treatment capacity

SRS-20 W4000×D1700×H2500 20 L/hr
SRS-150 W6450×D2200×H7150 150 L/hr
SRS-250 W6450×D2500×H7800 250 L/hr
SRS-500 W11000×D3200×H10000 500 L/hr
SRS-750 W11000×D3200×H10000 750 L/hr
SRS-1000 W11000×D3200×H10000 1000 L/hr
SRS-1300 W13000×D3200×H12800 1300 L/hr