ECOTRAP (Volatile organic compound collection and concentration system)

ECOTRAP is equipment that utilizes the heat energy of exhaust gases as much as possible, concentrates the collected volatile organic (VOC) compound as well as collecting and separating and removing the target component to more than 99% using water and then exhausting the cleaned gas into the atmosphere.


■ Features

  • The running cost is low, because the heat energy of exhaust gases is used.
  • It has an excellent collection performance and cleaning performance by using water.
  • Handling is very easy with full automatic control.
  • It is very safe because there are no heating operations in the column.
  • The moisture content can be adjusted in accordance to the customer’s needs.


■ Awarded 2007 Separation Technology Award


Target organic solvents

This will be effective for VOCs that have a higher boiling point than water, are hydrophilic, and do not form an azeotrope with water.


NMP (N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone)
DMAC (N,N-dimethyl-acetamide)
DMF (dimethyl formamide)
MEA (mono ethanol amine)
DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)


Examples of system installations