Recycle plant

SOLSTEP-HP(Solvent recovery system for wastewater which contains)

SOLSTEP-HP effectively separates water from wastewater which contains a high-boiling-point solvent by evaporation of water.
The solvent is concentrated to be recyclable.and treated water has low impact on environment.
A heat pump system enables this system highly energy saving by utilizing water vapor as a heat source.

ECOTRAP (Volatile organic compound collection and concentration system)

Awarded 2007 Separation Technology Award

We have attained low running cost with this ultra low energy consuming system using exhaust energy.

The system reduces the environmental burden of exhaust gases, and controls below the regulatory limits.



NMP recovery from exhaust gas in the lithium ion battery manufacturing process


SRS (Removal solvent renewal system)

Awarded 2005 Separation Technology Award

This system recovers removal solvent at a high yield from the waste solution generated in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal panels.



SOLPICO (Drainage water trace solvent removal and recovery system)

Awarded 1999 Separation Technology Award

This system separates and removes (recovers) trace solvent in drainage water, and clears the stringent drainage water regulations as wells as achieves large scale water treatment with compact equipment.

It could also be used as a pre-treatment system to reduce the burden of activated sludge treatment tanks.



Distillation Column

We have a lot of experience in applications such as solvent recovery and waste water treatment.

Even for azeotropic compositions or compositions with close relative volatility, we will utilize extractive distillation or azeotropic distillation.


FD (Falling film type distillation and concentration system)

This product effectively concentrates the non-volatile material

which will become residue, and continuously discharges it out of the system.