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President & Representative Director Yasuhito Kawase

It is said that increase of extreme climate events is linked to global warming due to the growth of Carbon dioxide emissions. It has become a global challenge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and curb global warming.

In Japan, 1.97million tons of new solvents are consumed per year, and 0.71 million tons are emitted into the atmosphere after use, and out of which 1.26 million tons are incinerated as gas or effluents.

On the other hand, only 0.49 million tons (0.27 million ton on-site, 0.22 million tons off-site) per year are recycled, and thus, current recycling rate is only 19.9%. The amount of recycled solvents and the rate have not changed for a few decades.
This is because not only users and suppliers but also concerning authorities have not ruminated recycling solvents.


Large amount of petroleum is consumed when solvents are manufactured. That amount is as twice as the quantity of solvent. Solvents are categorised as volatile organic compounds (VOC), and are volatile and flammable. When solvents are burn, carbon dioxide is produced, and the amount of which is as approximately 3.5 times as the quantity of solvents.

Distillation technology is used to refine solvents. Required energy for distillation is much less than that for the production.


Therefore, not using recycled solvents but using new solvents not only accelerates global warming by emitting massive carbon dioxide both in the production and disposal (incineration), but also wastes precious oil resources.


Nippon Refine has a wide range of technologies to reuse solvents (VOC) 
  • Technologies to separate non-VOC and solvent
  • Technologies to recover solvents from gasification solvents to liquid
  • Technologies to separate and refine recovered solvents
  • Management technologies to keep high quality
  • Safety management technologies to refine safely
Based on these technologies, we are able to help you in various opportunities
  • Sales of gas recovery equipment
  • Sales of recovering and condensing solvent from effluent
  • Off-site recycling (Recycling and refining at our plants)
  • On-site recycling (operation control possible)
  • Design and sales of equipment for recycling
  • Refining new solvents to a higher grade with stable supply
Why don’t you collaborate with Nippon Refine for resources and the environment?