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Nippon Refine’s Eco-Businesses

Nowadays, global-scale environmental destruction and global warming are serious issues. The transformation from mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal society into sustainable material loop society is required. Nippon Refine can build up an efficient material loop by state-of-the-art technology such as recycling and recovery of volatile organic compound (VOC) which is one of the principal contributors to environmental destruction and global warming.


Nippon Refine’s Eco businesses are made up of two elements. One is Purification and Recycling of Chemicals, the other is Environment Engineering which is to design and build efficient machinery for recovering solvents from emissions and waste water. Nippon Refine can provide our clients with appropriate solutions for used chemicals.



Nippon Refine’s state-of-the-art technologies contribute significantly to Lithium ion (Li-ion) Battery manufactures for automotive applications such EV, HEV and PHEV. ECOTRAP is a very efficient recovery system of NMP from exhaust gas from the electrode manufacturing process and is rated highly by Lithium ion Battery manufactures. NMP recovered by ECOTRAP is collected and recycled to high quality for battery application at our plants. The establishment of NMP material cycles can preserve resources and protect the environment by trimming carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, it can bring about a massive decease in manufacturing cost.